Malene Davis Inspires Nurses to Support Hospice Patients

A trailblazer at heart, Davis feels compelled to make sure everyone knows that hospice care is available and that they’re entitled to it. She did that in West Virginia: Hospice Care Corporation is the largest hospice in the state, serving 12 counties. “I feel people should get the care they need – the right patient, the right care, the right time,”

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Senator Shelley Moore Capito

The West Virginia Hospice Council recently produced this public service announcement to help increase awareness of hospice and what we can do to help your loved ones when the time is right.

Video Games - Not Just for Kids Anymore

Improving mental and physical well-being games?

Video games are absolutely massive among the younger generations, but can you believe researchers are discovering they may hold health benefits for those of us in our golden years?

Bloomberg's Paul Allen reported on this interesting trend from overseas, where gamers like 83-year-old Yaeko Sasaki explained how their new activity was making a difference in their lives, saying, "I had never played with games before, but...I discovered them, I learned they were good for the muscles at my age, so now I play a lot." The games have been shown to increase activity levels, as well as improve blood flow and activity levels in the brain, and, in the arcade Allen visited, are built especially for older players, being set lower to the ground and with more places to grip for balance.

Although we're pretty certain we aren't going to see special arcades for the 50+ crowd popping up on every corner here in the U.S., we do see video games being used more and more often in therapy and as a way to stay active even with limited mobility. And, of course, they're a great way to bond with the grandkids as well!